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Now available on Android, HP WebOS TouchPad, and Amazon Kindle Fire!

Wifi Media Sync allows you to sync ALL your files wirelessly between your tablet and your pc or mac!


Just install the client software on your PC or Mac, choose which folders you wish to sync, and the rest is done from the Wifi Media Sync app on your tablet! Music, pictures, and videos are accessible through your device’s standard software.

Mac Requirements

  • Snow Leopard or higher.


PC Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows XP SP3/Vista/ and Windows 7 compatible
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 10 Mb of hard drive space

Wi-Fi to your PC or Mac connection is required via a wireless access point.

Connecting to your PC over Internet is not supported.

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Available on Google Play Available on Amazon Kindle Fire Available on the WebOS App Catalog


Having trouble connecting Wifi Media Sync to your PC?

These are the most common reasons why your device will not connect to your PC:

1. Wifi Connectivity

Is your device connected to your wifi network? (Double check your wifi settings, ensure wifi is turned on!)

Is your PC connected to the same network?

2. Firewalls

Firewall software on your PC is designed stop outside apps from communicating with your PC.  Wifi Media Sync attempts to configure your firewall to allow it to receive incoming requests, however, some third-party firewalls do not play too nicely and require you to manually add a “rule” to allow the PC client to receive incoming connections from your device.

Note:  Some PCs have more than one firewall installed.

Still can’t connect?

Feel free to contact us below for additional support.  Please remember to include what device you are using and what type of PC (Windows or Mac).

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